Guide to perform OTS for esTV box from the Office (Remotely)


This article aims at explaining the procedure to perform One Time Setup (OTS) for esTV Box from the office or any place that is outside the Local Area Network of the Hotel Site. This is useful in situations such as preparing of Spare boxes for the Hotels. Without the need to visit the Hotel Site, one can perform OTS for the esTV boxes and then deliver those boxes to the respective hotel.

Public access of the CMS Server of the Hotel

It is necessary to have public access URL of the Hotel CMS Server for which the OTS needs to be performed. This can be done through Port forwarding in the HSIA / Firewall for the Hotel, or using DynDns software installed on the CMS Server (Port forwarding is still required)

Configuring the CMS Server before beginning the Remote OTS

There are some settings that needs to be enabled on the Hotel’s CMS Server before beginning the OTS for the esTV box for that Hotel. Follow the steps below:

CMS Server

– Open Google Chrome and navigate to the esTV CMS Server using the public URL of the Hotel.
– Sign in to the CMS using the username and password (Administrator).

– Once signed in, navigate to the AppsTV Default settings from the Left Menu.

Guide to Remote OTS

– On the AppsTV Default Settings page, scroll down to the Remote OTS block as shown below;
Guide to Remote OTS


– Click to Toggle “Activate Remote OTS” to “Yes
Toggle Remote OTS to Yes

– Enter the CMS Public IP. This is the IP address that of the CMS Server that the esTV box is able to connect to remotely (Outside the Hotel’s LAN).
– Enter the IP Address correctly in proper format (Example: IP:port or
– Examples of Remote / Public CMS IP address are or
– Press the Update Button after inputting the CMS Public IP in the text field as shown.
Input CMS Public IP

esTV Box

– Get a fresh esTV Box and Flash it with the latest available firmware.
– Make sure to Wipe and Reset the box at the Recovery Screen.
– Reboot the esTV Box.

– Once the esTV Box is booted up on to the OTS Screen, enter the Room Number and the CMS IP.
Note: The CMS IP should be the exact same CMS Public IP which you have just now configured on the CMS Server.
OTS Screen

- The CMS IP entered in the OTS screen above is the CMS Public IP as per the example in the CMS Server configuration in step-3

- Press the Verify Settings button and confirm submission.
- After seeing the success message in green color, you must wait for 60 seconds as the esTV box starts to download the content from the CMS.
- The esTV box then reboots automatically.
- Wait for 2 - 3 minutes for the esTV box to finish downloading and installing all the necessary contents.
- Verify each content manually and then power off the box.

Hotels that are ready to use Remote OTS

  1. Mercure ICON – Singapore
  2. HGC 264 – Singapore
  3. HGC Brisbane – Australia
  4. Hotel 81 Hollywood
  5. Hotel 81 Gold

Important Notes

  • Once the Remote OTS is completed for all the esTV boxes, the Remote OTS feature should be turned off from the CMS Server.
  • The Public CMS IP should be accessible from within the LAN for the esTV Box to work once it is connected in the Hotel for operation.